Ballistic Panel Insert

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The panel is soft armor and fits into a custom sleeve in the Freedom Large Concealed Carry Backpack. The panel also fits into our X-Large Freedom-Patriot, our largest backpack, but not in a custom sleeve just in the large compartment.
The panel is 10.5 " W x 19" H x 1.5" D.
The protection level of the panel is NIJ IIIA, which is good for everything up to and including .44 Magnum.  NIJ (National Institute of Justice) requires the testing at 25 feet, we tested ours at 5 feet as this is where most robberies happen and the testing is harsher on the panel at that distance.
We tested with zero failures:
1.  .38 Special
2.  9mm
3.  .40
4.  .45
5.  .357 SIG
6.  .44 Mag
This testing goes on continually as we get additional shipments in.  We test a random sample of 1% of the shipments to ensure quality.
For more information on NIJ Body Armor Performance Standards: