Your Questions

The gun pocket is located at the rear bottom of the backpack. We call it the "Protection Pocket" and can be accessed from both right and left hand sides of the backpack.
No. The Protection Pocket is isolated from the rest of the compartments of the backpack.
The largest laptop our Large Freedom Backpack will hold in the designated computer compartment is a 17". Our XL Freedom Backpack will hold an 18" laptop.
Our Freedom CCW Large Backpack is made specifically for the optional ballistic panel insert. You can, however, use the insert with the Freedom CCW Extra Large Backpack as well.
Our Ballistic Shield is a Level IIIA soft ballistic backpack insert. Its specifically made for the Freedom CCW Large Backpack. The Ballistic Shield is affordable protection for parents, teachers, and children when they are at their most vulnerable; on or off campus.
Our Freedom Backpacks are made from high quality Ripstop Nylon.
We use American Made Steel in all of our Black Smoke safes.