Large We The People CCW Backpack


The Patriotic Backpack

Our large backpacks feature our proprietary “Protection Pocket” allowing for easy and quick access to your handgun from either side.  They are specifically designed to hold our Level IIIA soft Ballistic Shield.

Include a Ballistic Shield

Soft LevelIIA Ballistic insert defeats .44 magnum SJHP, .45 ACP, .357 Sig FMJ FN, .357 Magnum JSP, .9mm FMJ RN, .22 LR, .40 S&W


The Large We The People CCW Backpack has become our most popular backpack.  For those of you that want to express your support of the Second Amendment… This bag is for you!  It’s a great solution for both concealed carry and life’s everyday demands.

This backpack offers ample storage, including a dedicated top loading laptop pouch and and additional tablet sleeve.  Both compartments are padded to protect your devices.  The large open compartment makes this backpack practical for carrying documents and folders or whatever you need to tote from one place to another.

Our proprietary “Protection Pocket” allows easy and quick access to your handgun from either side and multiple interior compartments are strategically placed to secure extra magazines and accessories.  Concealed and Safe.


Ripstop: Water-Resistant Fabric                    YKK Zippers: Branded Pull Tabs

Ripstop Fabric                            Freedom Backpack YKK Zippers


UTX: Branded Clips                                            Magazines: Gun Accessories

Freedom Backpack UTX Branded Clips                            


CCW (Concealed Carry) Compartment

Our proprietary “Protection Pocket” allows for easy and quick access to your handgun


Storage Space

The Large We The People CCW Backpack boasts enough room for extra-large laptops as well as a tablet, books, binders and plenty of file folders. The rear compartment can hold a 17” laptop and opens wide and flat for quick access. Soft fleece lined pockets for your tablet, glasses and accessories are also included.

Ballistic Shield Compartment: Our Large CCW backpacks have a specific compartment built in to hold our Ballistic Shield offered in our Accessories tab.

One Year Warranty Warranty: One Year from the date of purchasing the Large We The People CCW Backpack.

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Additional information

Weight3.6 lbs
Dimensions7 × 11.8 × 19.6 in